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Increase Testosterone Level

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Testosterone plays many vital roles in our bodies. In fact, suffering from the Symptoms of low testosterone can significantly reduce one's quality of life.

If you're suffering from low testosterone and its symptoms, you've probably researched the benefits of testosterone for your health, and now youíre looking to increase testosterone level.

There are several ways, both natural ways and prescription methods.

One of the more intriguing natural ways is the herb tribulus terrestris. Right now, tribulus terrestris is usually being marketed as a libido enhancer, but it has become one of the most popular supplements among both athletes and body builders.

This is because many athletes are looking for how to increase testosterone levels naturally.

Tribulus terrestris has displayed great promise in stimulating the body to increase its testosterone level naturally.

Each natural herbal product you look at has an "active-ingredient," which essentially is the main ingredient in the product that contains its therapeutic benefits...these would be the ingredients that are going to increase testosterone level.

In the case of tribulus terrestris, the active ingredient is protodioscin, which is extracted from the fruit of the tribulus herb.

Another important dynamic of tribulus terrestris, is that it is a natural herb, so rather than increasing testosterone directly like most prescription methods, it increases it indirectly.

This is because tribulus terrestris is not a hormone in itself. There are certain benefits of this.

The primary benefit is that hecause it does not directly contain testosterone, it will not upset your bodyís natural balance of hormones, which some prescription methods may do, with resulting negative side effects.

You should find tribulus terrestris listed as a key ingredient in many of the best natural testosterone enhancing products.

How to Increase Testosterone

That moves us onto the prescription methods used to increase testosterone levels. These come in many forms, from patches, to injections, to pills to gels.

For the sake of brevity, weíll just discuss patches and injections on this page but you can read about the other kinds on other pages on this site if you desire.

The patches work to increase testosterone levels by supplying a steady dose of testosterone throughout the day.

They are usually attached on the scrotum (if you're a man), since the skin is the thinnest there. However, there are other patches that can be applied in other places, such as the thigh, the arm and the back, although these are noted to be less effective.

Bony places such as your shoulder or your elbow are generally avoided.

Unlike patches, injections work to increase testosterone level by giving you one big boost once every week or two weeks, depending on the prescription and other factors your doctor will determine.

The shot you take is understandably a very high dose of testosterone, which begins to lower throughout the waiting period between your next shot.

Since youíre dealing with such a high dose of testosterone, the high levels may cause acne, hair loss, or mood swings to mention just a few potential side effects.

On the plus side, some argue that you get more bang for your buck, as with the initial boost in testosterone you can do more immediately, rather than the balanced dose you get with patches.

There are several different ways to increase your testosterone level, both natural and prescription.

In conclusion, natural methods, such as tribulus terrestris are generally considered to be safer, and have less altering side effects than their prescription counterparts.

As usual, you should contact your physician when looking for info on how to increase testosterone levels and discuss your options carefully.

Please look around and we hope you find our resource helpful and don't forget to talk to your doctor before making any decisions about anything you read on this or any other website.

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Increase Testosterone Level

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