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Testosterone Injections

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One of the most common ways to increase your testosterone is through a series of testosterone injections.

Usually such injections are given once every one to three weeks, and most doctors teach patients how to use injectable testosterone themselves, in the comfort of their own home.

Each of these injections contains about 200mg of either testosterone cypionate, or testosterone enanthate. At this rate you get approximately 400mg a month.

Injections work by giving you an almost instant boost of testosterone directly into your body, allowing for almost instantaneous results. However, it’s not all good news.

This is because when you’re dealing with testosterone injections, there is a very common peak – valley situation. Since you’re injecting the testosterone directly into yourself, there is an immediate rise in your testosterone levels in the first few days after the injection – the peak.

However, as you get closer to the next injection time, your testosterone levels will fall back down, usually even to the point where they’ve fallen below what’s normal – the valley.

There are both upsides and downsides to this. The upside for the peak is that some people feel you get more bang for your buck, as you’re able to do more immediately, due to the concentrated amount of testosterone in your blood stream -- energy, libidio, stamina, strength will often increase markedly.

The downside is that this has been attributed to mood swings and general aggressiveness, once again due to the high amount of testosterone that has been injected.

Although there are major upsides for the valley, there can be plenty of downsides too. Once testosterone levels dip below normal, you feel lethargic, and you may even become depressed, your stamina and libido can drop – until your next injection of course.

Injectable Testosterone

Compared to other testosterone replacement options, such as patches, pills, and gels, testosterone injections are by far the most cost effective option.

However, you have to decide whether the side-effects of injectable testosterone are worth it. While some men have the tendency to get extremely aggressive – both verbally and physically – after an injection, others have noticed no ill repercussion immediately after the testosterone has been injected.

Then, there’s also the slide down, which has been compared to some as "coming down off of a drug" – and why not? After all, testosterone is attributed to high levels of energy and sexual desire – both good things. But there are also those guys who have never experienced this downside – or only experienced it mildly.

Chances are if you feel the injection as a major boost of energy, you’re going to feel the drop off near the end that much more, and it can start to become a cycle from high aggression to depression.

The best advice, as always, is to talk to your physician.

Remember, however, that many doctors aren't going to prescribe you testosterone injections unless they feel you really need it. If you just want a "boost" your typical doctor probably will decline your request.

On the other hand, if you are losing your enthusiasm for life, have little to no libido, and are diagnosed with andropause -- otherwise known as male menopause -- then there's a good chance your doctor may prescribe injectable testosterone to some other testosterone replacement method.

Lastly, some men are turning to non-prescription ways to Increase testosterone naturally as we discuss on that page by clicking the link.

Please look around and we hope you find our resource helpful and don't forget to talk to your doctor before making any decisions about anything you read on this or any other website.

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Testosterone Injections

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