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Vasectomy and Testosterone Levels

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Vasectomy and Testosterone Production

Vasectomy and testosterone levels...

Ever since men have been getting vasectomies, one of their concerns is if this procedure will affect their testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, currently, there are no clear cut answers either way.

One study we found claimed that a male may suffer as much as a 33% drop in testosterone levels. A few other studies claim that there is no clinical proof that a vasectomy and testosterone production are linked whatsoever.

Conflicting conclusions from studies is nothing new in the world of medicine so the best thing to do is just educate yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Vasectomy and Testosterone Levels

Usually a man is in his late thirties or forties when he consciously makes the decision to have a vasectomy. Because of this, there could be an array of different things that are factoring in on his testosterone level, and the vasectomy may be only one of these.

Outside factors such as aging, drinking, drug-use, and any type of chronic illness cannot be discounted, as all of those are linked to a drop in testosterone levels.

Testosterone in general starts to drop once you're in your thirties, so just the aging process itself could be the primary culprit even though a man may wrongly attribute his lack of spunk and vitality to vasectomy and testosterone levels decreasing.

On the other hand, some healthy men have undeniably reported that after a vasectomy their desire to make love slowly begins to decline, usually in the first year or so. Usually a low sex drive is a sign of low testosterone levels.

But again the questions remain: do these low libidos come from the natural loss of testosterone, or is it related to the vasectomy?

Although we personally haven't taken a stance on this issue, it's important to note that blood tests that may be taken after a vasectomy usually reveal that men still have similar testosterone levels after the procedure.

However, if the link between a loss in desire and a vasectomy isn't physical, it may certainly be psychological.

Vasectomy and Testosterone Levels

As of this writing, there is no clear answer on the impact of having a vasectomy and a drop in testosterone levels.

However, we would be remiss if we didn't point out that the majority of doctors are of the opinion that having a vasectomy will not cause a decrease in your testosterone levels.

On the other hand, there are still a few doctors that persist that since any type of trauma to the testicles is known to hurt testosterone levels, a vasectomy, being a type of trauma, could theoretically result in lower testosterone levels.

In the end, deciding on the issue of vasectomy and testosterone levels is something you'll have to judge for yourself and after a careful discussion with your doctor.

Please look around and we hope you find our resource helpful and don't forget to talk to your doctor before making any decisions about anything you read on this or any other website.

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Vasectomy and Testosterone Levels

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