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Andropause Treatment

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Andropause is an affliction much like menopause, except that it occurs in men and is due to a lowering in the levels of testosterone in a maleís body.

There is renewed interest in researching ideas for andropause treatment, and many solutions continue to be proposed.

As a male ages, the testosterone levels in his body naturally decrease. This decrease can lead to feelings of depression and other changes in moods and attitudes, a saggier physical appearance due to a loss of the ability to build and maintain muscle mass, a loss of sexual desire and a lessening of flexibility.

All of these areas can be addressed through andropause treatments.

An effective andropause treatment specifically focuses on raising the levels of testosterone in men back up to the point where the symptoms of male andropause are alleviated.

Testosterone production decreases as men age, from about the age of 30 on, and by the time a man is 50 he may only have 50% of the amount of testosterone in his body as he did in his twenties. There are several andropause treatments that can reduce the symptoms.

Replacing hormones as andropause treatment is a safe process, and should not be confused with the "doping" that goes on in athletics.

In athletics, men seek to enhance their performances by injecting large amounts of testosterone enhancing substances into their bodies to boost their natural testosterone above normal levels.

Andropause treatments seek to boost testosterone levels back up to normal levels, rather than increase them past a natural point.

One method of andropause treatment is Human Growth Hormone. This treatment is designed for men who have the symptoms of andropausal aging and wish to take full advantage of balanced hormone replacement by testing and replacing testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid and DHEA.

Oral synthetic preparations used for andropause result in short-term elevation and undesirably high concentrations of testosterone. There are also commonly associated elevations of liver function test and abnormalities at liver scans.

Despite this, oral preparations still constitute about a third of prescriptions filled in the United States. Some common forms are pure testosterone, methyltestosterone, sublingual methyltestosterone, and fluoxymesterone.

Trans-dermal synthetic andropause treatment is the most commonly used form of andropause treatments. It comes in scrotal and non-scrotal forms. Clinical studies have shown that both are effective forms of androgen replacement.

The scrotal form produces high levels of circulating DHT due to the high 5-alpha-reductase enzyme activity of scrotal skin. It also requires shaving of the scrotum.

Inadequate scrotal size and adherence problems are limitations to this form of andropause treatment. Skin irritation does occur in those with sensitive skins.

The advantage of the non-scrotal skin patch is that the serum testosterone concentration profile mimics the normal circadian variation observed in healthy young men. Skin irritation is more common, with over 50 percent experience some form of site reaction sometime during the treatment.

Andropause need not a permanent setback anymore, thanks to the developments in andropause treatment.

Non-prescription ways also exist to address a low testosterone problem, such as Increase testosterone naturally and Foods that boost testosterone.

There is now enough research going on in the field of andropause that it is very probable that there will be more andropause treatments discovered in the future.

Please look around and we hope you find our resource helpful and don't forget to talk to your doctor before making any decisions about anything you read on this or any other website.

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Andropause Treatment

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