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Causes for Low Testosterone

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If you've arrived at this page, you probably are dealing with a testosterone deficiency and trying to understand what exactly are the causes of low testosterone.

The causes of this condition are numerous.

To start with, there are the simple ones like a deficiency of male hormones that could make you low on testosterone.

Then there are the relatively obvious signs such as aging. Itís estimated that men over the age of 30 have their testosterone level drop by as much as 2% each year, which is quite significant over time.

Outside of those naturally occurring causes for low testosterone, the list becomes quite grim, even frightening.

Other things that could make your body low on testosterone include chronic illness, drug abuse Ė- both prescription and "recreational," alcoholism and starvation.

Starvation doesnít necessarily mean that youíre not eating at all (although that would definitely contribute), but that youíre not eating the right things.

Continuing our list of causes of low testosterone we have infections, cancer, and different types of surgeries.

The list becomes even scarier when it comes to both head trauma and AIDS. But donít fret Ė- just because youíre low on testosterone doesnít mean you have any of the above.

Low testosterone causes can also come from a wide range of things from our most sensitive part, that being the testicles.

Any type of blow to the testicles be it a kick, a twist, or an infection can be a cause for low testosterone. This includes any testicle related trauma Ė- right up to the removal of the testicles themselves.

If youíre low on testosterone, what should you do? To start, you can read our page about Testosterone Replacement Therapy which covers some of the most common procedures.

After that, talk to your doctor.

Low Testosterone Level

Whereas high levels of testosterone are known to give you a boost of energy, low levels have been attributed to depression and a low sex-drive.

Suffering from a low testosterone level can give you premature signs of aging, as well as less energy. Some other causes of low testosterone include a symptom known as "estrogen dominance," which is more commonly found in the obese.

Fat essentially produces estrogen, and estrogen dominance means that high levels of estrogen are being produced; essentially tricking the brain into believing enough testosterone is being produced, even when it isnít.

This result will be to leave you with a low testosterone level.

What can you do to combat the causes of low testosterone?

First you must find out exactly why you have a low level of this vital hormone, and a visit to your physician is have a simple test done is strongly recommended.

After youíve figured out why, thereís a wide range of solutions, some ranging from prescription methods to just a change in diet to natural testosterone enhancing herbs.

If your low testestone level is only minor, you'll probably want to start at less extreme measures and work your way up since the prescription alternatives can create a wide range of side effects, plus they are expensive and some of them, like the injection, can be quite painful.

You should also try to counter your low testosterone level by altering your diet and working out. Altering your diet usually includes a boost in the minerals zinc and magnesium, as well as protein.

When you work out, you build muscle, which produces more testosterone. You should stick to compound exercises which use a lot of different muscles, such as squats and bench press -- or vigorous sprints.

If that isnít working, consider a natural non-prescription supplement like Andro-Shock, which will help you combat your low testosterone levels naturally.

If these tips still aren't enough, talk to your doctor about prescription drugs for testosterone and carefully weight the pros and cons of each.

Please look around and we hope you find our resource helpful and don't forget to talk to your doctor before making any decisions about anything you read on this or any other website.

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Causes for Low Testosterone

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